Online porte-folio

October 8, 2008

Welcome to my online sketchbook/portefolio. My name is Pascal Beaulieu im an artist based in montreal with more then 15 years of experience in 3d productions, such as video games, cinematics and Tv series.
Hope you enjoy my work!



2014 stuff

April 15, 2015

Scaphandre_wip_Zbrush Anatomy_sketch horse_new Orc_Sketch Pascal_Orc_WIP

Keyshot testing

September 30, 2014

milk_01 milk_03 milk_02

milk_05 milk_04


Render Tests

July 18, 2013

Brutus_Color Brutus_Color_CloseupHorse_Test_Keyshotuntitled.32


July 16, 2013

buLLDOG_Update_WIPskeletor_paintscreenshot2 sKELETOR_wIP_FULLdetail sKELETOR_wIP_CROPSketch04Sketch01Sketch02Chandelle Chandelle02ogresculptrobot

Old Professional Work

July 16, 2013

SS_Monday_23th (1) Marines_Wip Gloves Massive_New_proposal_01NOLOGO (2) NFL_Chad_Ochocinco_Final Colors Walking_Man_WIP WW2_Boots_01 Ubiquity_Gloves_Sculpt    Marines_Afro banditsmecha3 afasfafmain


July 16, 2013

Sam_Conviction (1) 598821390 (1)splinter-cell-chaos-theory-knife-gunLowres model (1) Hairz